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Swimming pool Company with over 10 years in business is based in Richmond Hill and servicing the GTA and surrounding. We are specialized to turn your dream back yard into reality by our luxurious design and superior workmanship that we put in our every project.
We have extensive knowledge in swimming pool installation so you can be confident that you have the most expertise from the premium design and when it comes to build we will use the superior quality to ensure your dream pool is built to the highest standard , as your pool contractor we will make sure that we guide you through every step from choosing the best Fibreglass pool to great equipment that fulfill your requirements to water features that suits you and your lifestyle and your budget the best.
Independently owned and operated – Ontario Licence #
Service area : Toronto, North York , Richmond hill , Markham , Vaughn, Woodbridge , king city , Kleinberg , Aurora , Newmarket.
Our service:
1) Pool opening: 1/2 hour vacuuming of the pool included in all of our safety cover opening
Drain water from top of the pool and remove leaves and debris
Wash, fold and store away winter cover/safety cover
Remove winter plug and gizmo, etc
Reinstall return jets, skimmer baskets
Reinstall all deck equipment like ladder, diving boards…
Inspect all equipment such as pump, filter, heater, salt systems…
Start pump and filter and starts refilling the pool if necessary
Add chlorine to the pool and shock the pool

Call us today and book before April 1st and save $ 50 of your pool
Opening package
2) Pool maintence ;it is in the most important part of our services when it comes to maintaining your pool we offer wide range of services like weekly , bi weekly , we customized based on your needs to ensure that you are in good hands and never left alone. we balance your water chemistry from testing for Chlorine, Free chlorine , PH , Alkalinity, Calcium and stabilizer and balance everything to ensure highest water quality for you and your loved ones to enjoy.
3) Pool closing / winterization Our complete closing package includes:
• pump water below the returns
• Blow out skimmer / return lines
• Removal of jets, basket, Etc.
• winterize pump and filtration system and heater
• winterize salt system or chlorinator
• Removal of ladders and other deck equipment
• Apply antifreeze to the lines
• install skimmer gizmo and winter plugs
• insert foam rope and cap return lines
• End of season equipment inspection
• install safety cover or winter cover with water bags
Cartridge cleaning is included in our closing package when you
book by August 31 . Otherwise there is charge of $75 applies to
all those appointments that is booked as of September 01.

• Shock with chlorine to ensure water quality through out
the season
4) Safety cover measurements & installation
5) Safety cover (non-custom)
6) Pump, filter, heater salt system, automation installation
7) Cartridge cleaning
8) Water test on site

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