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Designing a pool is the first step you must take to implement a pool project. It doesn't matter if you intend to build an outdoor pool, indoor pool, etc., in any case, you must design the pool. Of course, there are different designs for different environments that you should focus on; For example, the principles of villa pool design are different from garden pool design. If you intend to start a home swimming pool, you must be familiar with the structure of swimming pools and the steps of their implementation, and take into account the points required for designing and building a swimming pool, and then carry out the next steps. You can use public pools as well, but having luxury equipment can always add a lot of charm to the environment. In addition, the design of different types of swimming pools can increase the price of your property, and this issue is also one of the advantages of running a swimming pool.


Blue Planet pool can help you with years of experience and experienced staff in the field of swimming pool construction.Blue Planet pool Group will be by your side from design to consultation and execution to plan the construction of your desired pool. Blue Planet pool Group will be with you from zero to a hundred projects to finish your project with the highest quality and reasonable cost.

Services & Maintenance

Do you want to enjoy your pool to the fullest?! Achieving this goal requires proper and timely service and maintenance of the pool. Just like a car or a computer, your home pool also needs constant and regular maintenance services. Therefore, it is recommended that you gain a thorough understanding of the basic principles of swimming pools.

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